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Ceilidh Environmental Ltd.


Our company specializes in providing the following services:

  • Environmental project management.
  • Environmental site assessments (Phases 1, 2 and 3).
  • Liability Assessments as per ECRB Directives 006 and 001.
  • Development and implementation of remedial action plans (RAPs) for abandoned and active sites where soil and/or ground water contaminants have been identified.
  • Risk assessment and risk management for sites where marginal impacts have been identified; or when alternative methods are required to counteract impacts due to special circumstances.
  • Hydrogeologic studies and ground water monitoring programs designed to support Alberta Environment (AENV) and Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) regulatory approvals.
  • Monitoring and modeling of ground water conditions and contaminants at oil and gas facilities, landfills and industrial sites.
  • Environmental site investigations and groundwater monitoring for upstream industrial facilities (ERCB Directive 58 – Section 4.0).
  • Water well testing and sampling for coal bed methane (CBM) and conventional oil and gas drilling programs.
  • Geological services and site supervision for geotechnical and mining projects.
  • In-house contract environmental and reclamation coordination support for oil and gas companies.
  • Management of CAPP Benzene Emissions, CAPP Stewardship, NPRI, Inactive Well Management and other regulatory compliance issues for oil and gas companies.
  • Custom database design, development, implementation and maintenance.
  • Electro-magnetic surveys for environmental studies (Geonics EM 31 and 38).

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